Spring Lake Village 2014

This was an amazing opportnity for me.

Spring Lake Village ia a wonderful retirement community in Santa Rosa, California. They have been undergoing a large expansion including the addition of several new residential units housed in multi story villas, a wonderful fitness center and upgrade of their main building.


Contacted by an art consultant hired by SLV, it was decided that my images would grace the public spaces in each of the 4 new villas as well as the main hall and changing rooms of the fitness center. This was a mind spinning 74 pieces.

It was decided to grace the Fitness Center with large prints on metal, which look striking. Mostly 1:4 and 1:3 panoramas many with water and bird subjects, they work perfectly in that space.

one villa the largest received 34 landscape / birdsscape images which we printed on canvas and stretched on deep stretcher bars with mirrored sides for a sculptural look.

The remaining 3 villas receved a total of 34 Images. These were printed on fine art watercolor paper and beautifully framed with simple espresso wood and light colored matting.

The images for this project were 95% local landscapes, birdscapes and wild floralscapes.

An index of the images for this project can be seen here.

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